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I have put together some amazing Guided Visualization and Hypnosis Programs to enhance and energize your Becoming Thin Within Journey!  Use your intuition and inner guidance to find the products that will work for you!

Becoming Thin Within Products

Becoming Thin: A Journey of Body, Mind & Spirit - Ebook Edition

I have written an e-book called Becoming Thin that teaches you my I AM DIET Plan in an easy to follow manner with affirmations and thought processes geared to bring you to a Becoming Thin mindset and finally lose the weight and become the thin person that you are!  This ebook will help you get clear on what you desire and start changing your thoughts and emotions to think and be thin NOW!  Lots of great tips and tricks for using the Law of Attraction to deliberately create your life! Focusing just on weight loss is treating the symptom, not the main problem. Let's get down to it! This is a journey of Body, Mind & Spirit! 

This is not a flimsy ebook. It is 69 pages of pure inspiration!

Only $8.00 (Normally $10)!


Guided Visualization and Hypnosis Series  

"Dear Sierra, I just wanted to let you know that after dealing with serious weight issues for almost my whole life I have finally lost over 30 lbs. since July just by listening to your guided visualizations... I have not consciously made any other changes. My attitude and actions regarding food and my body image are just different now. Instead of struggling to lose weight I am now excited to continue increasing my vitality, health, and beauty! Thank you so very much for these amazing tools!" ~ Rebecca S. ~


(discounted pricing already applied)

Enhance and energize your Becoming Thin Journey with my Guided Visualizations and Hypnosis Series. Our subconscious mind holds old patterns and beliefs around food and self-worth that keep us from becoming our true thin authentic self. My Guided Visualizations and Hypnosis Series will assist you in re-wiring and creating new beliefs about food and your body image while creating a feeling of peace and relaxation allowing your conscious mind to take a back seat while your subconscious mind listens to the suggestions, visualizations and affirmations.

Combining advanced vibro-acoustic technologies with spiritually inspired creativity, the programs in this series are designed to assist listeners in entering specific states of consciousness where healing and deep change more readily occur through the deeper subconscious mind. This technology, combined with carefully researched and worded voice guidance, is a very powerful tool on your Becoming Thin Journey.

About the Music  
The background music I have used in this series is an important part of the process. They feature several music composition techniques used to assist in heightened meditative states including Solfeggio Frequencies and binaural beat frequencies, tempo deceleration, sound frequency harmonics, and hemisphere cross talk beats.

By listening regularly, you are building new pathways and connections in your subconscious mind, activating dormant internal resources that can enhance your clarity, balance, and well-being. Vibrating through interior conduits, these sound sanctuaries act as a gentle solvent, loosening and removing the energetic debris of past memories and emotions, clearing the channels for more abundant life-essence to flow through you, and easily allowing new suggestions to take hold.

Stepping Into Your Thin Body

Stepping Into Your Thin Body – 30 minutes 
Originally $22.22 - Now
With 528Hz Theta Delta Brainwave Entrainment & DNA Repair

This guided visualization is essential for those wanting to get into the feeling place of being thin now whether you have been thin before or not. You are guided on a journey which allows you to go through your day as a thin person and integrate those feelings into your NOW.

The music used on this guided visualization is a theta delta brainwave entrainment program set to the solfeggio LOVE frequency 528Hz corresponding to emerald on the electromagnetic spectrum. This track aids in the activation of the higher heart of Divine Love, creating powerful resonant field peace and compassion.

Emotional and Binge Eating

Emotional & Binge Eating – 30 minutes
Originally $22.22 - Now
With 471Hz Theta Delta Brainwave Entrainment & Emotional Release

Emotional and Binge Eating are two of the major reasons we stay overweight. Eating in response to boredom, stress, fatigue, tension, depression, anger, anxiety, loneliness, "filling the void", or stuffing down our feelings with food may work temporarily, but it’s a quick fix which later creates guilt and more feelings of stress, depression and anger, creating a vicious circle. Break the pattern now with this Guided Visualization that gives you alternatives to eating, allows you to feel your feelings instead of stuffing them down, and creates new associations that allow you to give up emotional and binge eating for good.

The music on this guided visualization features alpha with theta descents entrainment which helps to build interior pathways, or energetic conduits that open us up to some of the more abstract qualities of the universal life power and tune us in to a deeper level consciousness, aligning our energy bodies.


Body Image & Self Esteem

Body Image & Self Esteem – 30 minutes
Originally $22.22 - Now
With 693Hz Theta Brainwave Entrainment & Accelerated Consciousness

An important part of Becoming Thin is learning to love your body and all that it does for you. Imagine starting to work together right now with your body and giving each other what you both want…. A healthy body at its ideal weight. In this Guided Visualization you will learn to love your body, yourself and feel the high self esteem that allows you to easily become the thin person you desire to be.

This track is a theta brainwave entrainment program set to the solfeggio mirror frequency 693Hz corresponding to the violet frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum. Aids in the purification and acceleration of consciousness while enhancing creativity, activating intuitive centers and multidimensional awareness. Please use stereo headphones for best results.

Fear of Success & Being Thin


Fear of Success & Being Thin – 28 min.
Originally $22.22 - Now
With White Gold Frequencies for Mental Clarity and Higher Awareness

Many people use their weight as a barrier of protection from relationships, expectations, fear of the unknown and feeling unworthy and it is the ultimate excuse to not live your life now. It may seem strange to be afraid to be thin and successful, but the truth is, people are more afraid of success than they are of failure. This Guided Visualization will help elevate the fears that stand between you and Becoming Thin and get you on the road to fearless and easy weight loss.

The White Gold frequencies on this music track produce the following benefits: Enhanced mental clarity, feelings of expansion and access to higher Universal knowledge, Increased intuitive powers and sixth sense stimulation, increased feelings of Universal flow and serendipity, the ability to deal with stressful situations from a higher perspective, deeper prayer and meditative states and greater insights into self and life situations.


NEW!! Exercise and Metabolism - 20 min.
Originally $22.22 - Now $11.11  $5.55!
With 369 Hz Alpha with Theta Descents for Inner Harmony

The success of maintaining a healthy body weight on a long term basis depends on body movement and exercise. The fact is, the human body was meant to move. The old adage of use it or lose it couldn’t’ be truer. Most ambitious exercise programs fail because people either never get started or lose their motivation quickly. This Guided Visualization will take you to a fork in the road where you get to decide what kind of body and health you want to have and once you decide, it guides you to get the most out of your exercise program and raise your metabolism while you sleep. 

The music on this guided visualization features alpha with theta descents entrainment which helps to build interior pathways, or energetic conduits that open us up to some of the more abstract qualities of the universal life power and tune us in to a deeper level consciousness, aligning our energy bodies.


Repetitive Affirmation Audio Program

This is the Becoming Thin Repetitive Affirmation Audio Program (RAAP) for you to BECOME the healthy, thin, abundant person you desire to be. It can be listened to during the day and all night, changing your beliefs. It is enhanced with binaural beats which allow you to ease into a deeper state of concentration which synchronizes both hemispheres of your brain, and therefore you receive the information on a deeper sub conscious level. Change your limiting beliefs while you sleep. Guaranteed to change the way you think and feel!

Originally $22.22 - Now $11.11  $5.55!

Save $$ with Combo Packages!

*I Want It All Package: Becoming Thin Ebook, All Five Becoming Thin Guided Visualizations AND the Repetitive Affirmation Audio Program Originally $115.55 Now $68.11 $37.77!! (A savings of $77.78!)
*All  Five Becoming Thin Guided Visualizations Originally $88.88  Now $52.22 $26.00!! (A savings of $36.66!!)
*Becoming Thin Ebook AND Stepping Into Your Thin Body Guided Visualization Originally $32.22 Now $20.00 $14.44 (A savings of 17.78!!)
*Becoming Thin Ebook AND Repetitive Affirmation Audio Program Originally $32.22 Now $20.00 $14.44 (A savings of 17.78!!)


**Note: Upon purchase, you will immediately be emailed a link to pick up your products. Please check your email with the subject "Digital Delivery from Becoming Thin."

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