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Losing Weight the I AM DIET and Becoming Thin Way

Maybe like you, I am one of the millions of people who have always struggled with weight loss. I have yo-yo'd up and down all through my life; sometimes chubby, sometimes obese, and occasionally thin. I cannot remember a time before in my life that I was completely happy and satisfied with my weight, even since childhood. 

Every time I got near my goal, my fat thoughts, patterns, visions and doubts would creep back in and I would find myself FAT AGAIN! On the surface I wanted to be thin and talked down to myself for being overweight, but on a deeper level I believed that I didn’t deserve to be thin, and I also didn’t want to give up the security and other comforts that being overweight gave me. I know that now.

My Weight Loss Journey in Pictures:

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I was feeling unworthy, not trusting my own beliefs and feelings, not expressing myself and once again putting up the security blanket that allowed me to make excuses to not be all that I can be. I was not allowing the wellbeing that is mine. I was not allowing my authentic self to emerge.

I used food to shove down emotions and things that I wanted to say but didn’t because I cared about what others would think about me. I was putting other people's opinions and feelings before how I felt and believed and was using food to keep my feelings about it at bay.

When I had lost weight before, it was pure willpower, a struggle, because I had not done the emotional work.  I found some motivation to go on a diet and lose the weight, but I had not done the “attraction” work, attracting my thin body to me.  I had not done the true inner work that leads to a easy, natural lifestyle with a healthy body, self worth and living with joy.

I was always looking for the magic pill, the psychological breakthrough, the miracle diet, the one “outside” thing that would let the thin me, the REAL ME, come out!  I was always looking for an answer outside myself, when the answer lay inside, on inner emotional work and feeling worthy and self confident.  Just going on a diet did not make me start to express myself and to care more about how I felt instead of how others felt.  The key is in feeling worthy, self expression, creativity, inspiration about your life and who you really are.  You need more than just a diet to do that!  You need to really change how you think about yourself, about food, and about your body, not only change your eating habits. That doesn’t last, obviously. You have to learn how to become a healthy body Attractor Factor!

After learning about the Universal Laws, I made detailed lists of what I wanted, I thought about it, I FELT IT, I EXPECTED IT, I KNEW I DESERVED IT and then I let it go and let the Universe deliver it to me.  And deliver it did!!  I ended up on 10 acres of ocean front property in the most biologically intense place on earth where dolphins and whales and monkeys and macaws abound!! I founded and am President of a non-profit foundation working to create a protected marine sanctuary, I created an eco lodge, created boats, an ultralight airplane that takes off from the water, and living my dream of having dolphins and whales in my front yard (the Pacific Ocean!) It all came together better than I could have dreamed!

But I could not seem to apply my deliberate creation skills to my body!!! Isn’t that ironic? I think everyone has their strengths, some are good at making money, some are good at being thin, some have great relationships, some find the perfect job… wouldn’t it be nice to be all that? Well, we can! 

I had created the life of my dreams with deliberate creation, but had not yet turned that inward, on my own body.  What I discovered is that I had to re-create the images I had of my body and re-wire and re-program my way of thinking.  I realized that diets only last as long as my willpower held out.  I had to find my self worth, I had to really believe that I deserved to be thin and become more blended with my higher self, the bigger part of me that is connected to All that Is. I had to find my true power and apply that to being thin, not just in other areas of my life. I had to stop concentrating on fat and weight loss and feeling bad because of my weight and shift my focus to my ideal body, therefore attracting that to me.

We see a lot of people who are really successful in other areas of their life, but are still overweight. Weight loss is very different than making money and using the Law of Attraction to manifest material things. Weight loss is very personally about YOU and YOUR PHYSICAL BODY. It takes different and really concentrated work to get thin for good. For me, manifesting material things is easy compared to losing weight! This is gonna take using all the Laws!!

In June of 2005, after slipping in my bathroom and falling on my face, I took a trip to the Bahamas where I first swam with dolphins almost 10 years earlier. When I got back from the trip, a friend who was on the boat sent me photos.  I was shocked when I saw the pictures of myself, not because of my big black eye and bruised face, but because of the size of my body!! I looked like a huge blimp! I had to weigh over 300 pounds!

It was a major wake-up call.  I knew I had to do something fast. I had known I was fat, but I didn't realize I was THAT FAT.  Most overweight people do not realize how they look to others.  I only have a small mirror over the bathroom sink.  From experience, I know that overweight people have a way of ignoring and not really seeing our bodies as they really are.  We rarely look in the mirror.  We conveniently ignore the size of our bodies. I had no idea that I looked like that.  It scared me.  It shocked me. 

I decided that this time I was going to do the work, and I was going to find ways to make sure that it was for good, not another roller coaster ride!  Not only was I tired of being fat, I knew that it is really bad for your heart and your general health to go up and down in weight and I certainly was not getting any younger!  NOW NOW NOW was the time. 


The above Youtube Playlist is a series of radio interviews I have done talking about my weight loss and the I AM DIET. 

You can read the details about what I did and how I did it in my book because after losing the weight and being able to keep it off, I really wanted to help others do it too. I thought about what I had done, and from that I developed a plan for others to follow using the word DIET as an acronym:

D - Desire, I wrote down all my desires around being thin, i.e. I wanted to wear cute clothes, I wanted to feel good about myself, I wanted to feel healthy, etc. It is very important to create passion and desire for your new body and healthy weight.

I - Intuition, I used my intuition and inner guidance to find the right food plan and products that would serve me and my body. I did not listen to the experts, I listened to me and my body! I became very in tune with my body's needs, not cravings. I made friends with my body.

E - Emotions, Food is always an emotional thing, we all have things tied to it, whether it is starving kids in Africa, stuffing your feelings down with food, using food to keep people away, feeling unworthy of having all you desire (this is a BIG ONE!), etc. I identified these emotions I had around food and how I used food to feel better and then worked my way into new associations with food. The most important key here is feeling worthy of being at a healthy weight.

T - Thoughts, I changed my thoughts about my body, about myself, and replaced these thoughts with new, healthy, positive thin thoughts! I visualized myself as thin, REALLY FELT IT and soon, I WAS! I also changed my thoughts about food itself, what is good foods and bad foods and re-wired my beliefs about how food affects my body.

That's the super short version, but that is what I did and how I lost 170 pounds! I have now developed it into what I call THE I AM D.I.E.T. to help others do it too. It is not just about weight loss, it is about finding your self worth and becoming who you really are. It is about tipping the scale of your thoughts and emotions to being thin, because if you are overweight, there are thoughts and feelings that are holding yourself there. You are gaining something by being overweight and the trick is to find those things and change the balance to healthy emotions and thoughts that will make weight loss easy and fun and most importantly, to last a lifetime. This is about rewiring your brain so that the old associations you have to food are broken and new ones are created.

Now part of my Divine Path is to share my experiences and help others learn to use the law of attraction to not only lose weight, but to create the life of our dreams. I have written my new Becoming Thin E-book, created a Guided Visualization that works miracles for releasing limiting beliefs (even while you sleep!), and am working on several other multi-media projects to inspire YOU to become All that You Already ARE!

It is my desire to show people that they really can be thin and stay that way, once they decide that is what they really want. That is the first step, making up your mind that you are ready. Then it is just up to you to re-create your life in the thin body that you desire. You learn to re-wire your thinking and change your habits and beliefs, little by little, until you become that which you desire.

Are you ready to get started right now? Are you ready to take action?  Purchase my e-book and guided visualization (see left column) and if you want to super power your new life, release limiting beliefs and BECOME your dreams, sign up for my amazing life coaching program for one on one personal guidance and be sure to get on my mailing list for info on my Group Mentoring Becoming Thin Seminars.

The most important thing to remember that you deserve and have the right to be thin, healthy and happy RIGHT NOW! Be happy where you are RIGHT NOW, for it is your stepping off place into SO MUCH MORE!!! Did ya get that? BE HAPPY NOW NOW NOW!!!

No one wants to be just rich, or just thin, we all want it all and we can have it! It is already Divinely Yours! Many, many blessings to you all! I am with you on your path to creating the life of your dreams!

~ Sierra ~ 

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