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Who is Sierra Goodman?

I was born in Orange County, California (Yes, the famous OC!) in 1964. I grew up in Southern California, graduated from Loara High School in 1982, and later became a paralegal, working for my father and other lawyers.  In 1988, I moved to Santa Cruz in Northern California to work for a non-profit foundation, EarthSave, and also worked independently from my home for several lawyers. 

In 1997, I had an experience with dolphins that changed my life.  I moved to Coconut Grove, Florida for a short eight months where I started The Divine Dolphin and ran dolphin tours in the Bahamas.  After a vacation to Costa Rica, I returned and searched both coasts until finding the perfect property, on a point with ocean on three sides and the rainforest behind.  I opened up a small eco lodge, which I ran for 10 years and recently closed to follow other dreams as I no longer found joy in running a hotel.  We still specialize  in dolphin and whale tours. I am the president and founder of a non-profit foundation here in Costa Rica called Vida Marina.  We are working to create a protected marine sanctuary on the Osa Peninsula where I live. I have 5 dogs, 1cat, 2 macaws and lots of monkeys, toucans, parrots and other rainforest animals that hang out around here. That is the very, very short story.

I have struggled with my weight my whole life. It has been an uphill battle the whole time. I cannot tell you how happy I am that I have finally found a weight loss program and lifestyle that worked for me and has allowed me to keep it off. I am very excited to share my experiences with you and really want to help you lose weight and stay thin for the rest of your life. I know how awful it is to be overweight and feel out of control. I hope something on my site can help you become your true thin self!  My book, The I AM D.I.E.T. is almost due to be released and in the meantime, I have written an e-book on how to use the Law of Attraction in your life to create the life and body of your dreams!

I also offer one on one personal life and weight loss coaching.  Click here for more info!  

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To learn even more about me, you can visit my other websites:

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Divine Dolphin - My swimming with dolphins and whales trips to Bimini, Bahamas, Silver Bank, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica.

DrakeBay.info - this is my travel service for hotels in Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Vida Marina Foundation - my non-profit foundation in Costa Rica

Flint River Ranch - Holistic Dog and Cat food that I have been selling for years

Atlantis - A forum I created that combines Science and Spirituality

Spirit: A Tale of a Humpback Whale - a story I wrote about a beautiful baby humpback whale I met

Dolphin and Whale Photo Slide Show - I am also a professional nature photographer and my photos of dolphins, whales and rainforest animals have appeared in magazines and books around the world!

A Circle of Dolphins - Summer Solstice 1997 - the beginning of my journey with dolphins and leaving the corporate world

Touched by Dolphins - Summer Solstice 1998 - my adventures continue with the dolphins and whales

From Paralegal to Paradise: Dolphins and Whales in Costa Rica - From California, to Florida, to Costa Rica thanks to the dolphins and whales!

So in a nutshell, THAT'S ME!



~ Let's Create Your Weight Together! ~ 

With Much Love and Many Blessings ~ Sierra

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